School system and education


In the coming years, Quebec’s school system will continue to be impacted by the government’s economic policy. In making their budgetary decisions, educational institutions will have to consider both this reality and that of a changing population that requires more and better services. In this context, the education sector must fulfil its mission while carefully managing its finances.

To support educational institutions in achieving their objectives, DUNTON RAINVILLE provides them with a full range of services to protect their interests, including in negotiations, during the contracting process or before the courts. The firm counsels educational institution managers in both the private and public systems regarding many of their regular management activities.

Thus, DUNTON RAINVILLE counsels institution managers in all matters relating to their internal organization, contracting activities, labour relations, users’ rights, the Education Act, the protection of information held by the organization, the handling of complaints, their contract awarding process, as well as their relationships with users and the public administration, in addition to advising them on any internal management or property tax issues.

The firm also offers various services related to occupational health and safety, including claims management, prevention and ensuring the compliance of infrastructure work and renovations in terms of occupational health and safety.