Immigration and Citizenship Law

Immigration and Citizenship Law

Dunton Rainville offers its clients a variety of services in immigration and citizenship law. Whether you are a company or an individual, we can advise and assist you regarding temporary permits, permanent residency, citizenship or in any litigation before a federal administrative tribunal or the Federal Court.

In a context of labour mobility and specific labour requirements that the local market cannot meet, Dunton Rainville can guide you through the process of obtaining work permits for your employees so that they can join your company in Canada.

If you plan to temporarily relocate or permanently settle in Canada, whether to study or to operate a business, Dunton Rainville has the expertise to provide you with professional guidance throughout the process which is often fraught with obstacles and very lengthy.

Our immigration law professionals specialize in all relevant areas and stay abreast of the various programs that provide the support you need when you move to Canada. Our lawyers guide you through the process and manage your file, ensuring that the necessary steps are taken to make your plans a reality, while taking care to avoid unnecessary costs and delays.

In disputes with the government, our firm can defend your interests by taking appropriate legal action before immigration or citizenship administrative bodies or the Federal Court, providing you with their expertise before these authorities.