Passenger transportation


To ensure their future, private transporters must contend with regulations, operating costs related primarily to labour and the volatility of fuel prices, and remain competitive, all while maintaining their performance and providing quality service.

DUNTON RAINVILLE has developed sound knowledge of this sector and is a strong partner for these companies, providing them with a wide range of services. The firm’s lawyers counsel managers and owners of transport companies in the corporate life of their business by offering commercial law services during the financing process and during any changes within the company, including changes affecting the company’s ownership or financing in order to ensure its sustainability or successful transformation. The firm’s lawyers also advise companies during asset acquisitions and various f contract negotiations.

DUNTON RAINVILLE’s civil law team also represents its clients in matters related to corporate liability or in claims against suppliers.

The DUNTON RAINVILLE team is able to assist passenger transportation companies in their relationships with government authorities, regarding operating permits, transport regulations and in criminal matters. The team provides advice, as well as legal opinions regarding outsourced public transportation contracts.

After having fulfilled numerous mandates in the ground transportation of passengers sector, DUNTON RAINVILLE has acquired significant expertise and knowledge of labour relations and labour and employment law. These mandates have involved primarily labour relations, negotiation of collective agreements and grievance and dispute arbitration for public and private transporters. The firm regularly maintains relationships with several unions within the same business or organization.