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The firm

Cutting-edge expertise in all areas requiring legal services

Dunton Rainville brings together 115 passionate professionals who put their extensive experience to work for you every day.

Straight ahead: the principles that drive us

Exceptional value-added services

Dunton Rainville is committed to providing its clients with exceptional service, adding value through its professional knowledge and skills.

Teamwork and commitment

The members of Dunton Rainville actively collaborate to provide every client with the best possible service.


Every member of the team strives to provide clients with service that meets or exceeds their expectations.

Investment in human resources and techniques

At Dunton Rainville, we know that investing in human and technical resources is the key to success. Every member of the team is committed to continuously improving the quality of the organization.

Recognition and social involvement

The firm places great importance on recognizing its members by providing a quality work environment and rewarding their efforts. It also encourages its members’ social involvement in the community.

Rigorous, efficient management

The firm is rigorously managed, using all available technical means to ensure efficiency and an optimal use of resources.


Dunton Rainville is a member of the SCG Legal worldwide network of leading law firms.

Dunton Rainville is a member of the SCG Legal worldwide network of leading law firms.

SCG Legal is an international network composed of nearly 10,000 lawyers in 120 leading law firms around the world.

Our association with such an extensive network enables us to provide clients who need it with quality legal services on a global scale and the knowledge that they can rely on seasoned legal professionals around the world.

Members of this network are recruited by invitation only, based on the excellence of their services and their leadership in the business world, as well as on the undeniable added value that they will provide to their colleagues in other countries within the network.

Lawyers who are part of a member-firm can

  • quickly obtain legal advice for various jurisdictions;
  • effectively coordinate regional legal services;
  • reach decision makers in each of the U.S. state capitals, as well as in capital cities and major business centres around the world;
  • assemble a multijurisdictional legal team;
  • access knowledge, experience and a comprehensive team of jurists at the international level.

Dunton Rainville is the only member of SCG Legal in Québec and thus, the firm can offer its services to clients of other network members.

Aaron Makovka and Marie-Claude Jarry serve as Dunton Rainville’s liaisons to SCG Legal.


70 years of excellence

The firm was founded as Beaudoin, Riel. The Honourable Maurice Riel was appointed senator while he was still active in the firm.
Mr. Jaime Dunton joined the partnership, which was then called Riel, Vermette, Ryan, Dunton and Ciaccia.
The firm became Vermette, Dunton, Rusko, DeWever, Caron & Rainville with the arrival of Mr. Jean-Jacques Rainville, now Chairman of the Board; a branch office was opened on Montréal's South Shore.
The firm changed its name from Vermette Dunton to Dunton Rainville; Mr. Paul André Martel, now a member of the Board of Directors, joined the firm.
The Laval office was opened, integrating Laporte Larouche.
Mr. Yanick Tanguay, now Vice-President of Dunton Rainville, joined the firm.
Mr. Joel Weitzman and Mr. Aaron Makovka joined Dunton Rainville. Mr. Makovka is now a member of the Board of Directors.
The firm changed its name to Dunton Rainville L.L.P.
Opening of the Joliette office, now located on Firestone Boulevard; Ms. Marie Annik Walsh joined Dunton Rainville, expanding the firm’s expertise in family and matrimonial law and joining the firm’s Board of Directors.
Acquisition of Gestion GT, a company specializing in occupational health and safety and the management of prevention mutuals; integration into DR Conseils.
Opening of the Saint-Jérôme office, now located on Maher Street.
Dunton Rainville expanded rapidly with the opening of offices in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and Sherbrooke.
Mr. Jaime Dunton, one of the greats of our firm's history, passed away; Mr. Louis Toupin celebrated 60 years of practice.
The arrival of Ms. Marie-Claude Leblanc, Ms. Marie-Josée Blais and Mr. Simon Dauphin increased the firm’s bench strength in the notarial sector.
Mr. Yves Joli-Coeur, a leading expert in co-ownership law, reinforces our real estate expertise by joining the firm as a partner.

Jaime W. Dunton (1933-2020)

Born in Montréal in 1933, Mr. Dunton studied at McGill University and was called to the Bar in 1957. After a successful start to his career, in 1965, he joined the firm of Riel, LeDain, Bissonnette, Vermette & Ryan, which became Dunton Rainville in 1988. Mr. Dunton practiced primarily corporate and trademark law. He represented and advised a large clientele of international companies in the pulp and paper, telecommunications, information technology, engineering, finance and accounting sectors.

A distinguished jurist and practitioner who was appreciated by colleagues and clients alike, Mr. Dunton was known for his unflappable character, humour and love of the French language.

Distinguished individuals who worked at Dunton Rainville over the years:

  • The late Honourable Gérald Le Dain served as Dean of York University’s Osgoode Hall Faculty of Law in Toronto, then as judge in the Appeals Division of the Federal Court of Canada before being appointed to the Supreme Court of Canada.
  • Albert Bissonnette was a member of the anti-dumping Tribunal.
  • The late Honourable Benjamin J. Greenberg, Q.C., Chartered Arbitrator, former Québec Superior Court Judge.
  • The Honourable Gérald J. Ryan sat as a Superior Court justice in the district of Montréal for over 25 years.
  • The Honourable Jean Girouard served as a Labour Court judge in Montréal for many years prior to his retirement.
  • The Honourable Marc DeWever, the Honourable Michel Caron, the Honourable Michel Déziel and the Honourable Martin Castonguay serve as Superior Court of Québec justices.
  • The Honourable Jean-Pierre Saintonge was President of the National Assembly of Québec and sat on the Court of Québec as Associate Coordinating Judge for the district of Longueuil, as did the Honourable Brigitte Charron, who also sat on the Court of Québec.
  • The Honourable Jimmy Vallée is a judge at the Court of Québec.
  • The Honourable Marco Labrie is Associate Chief Judge of the Criminal and Penal Division and is responsible for the Magistrate Justices of the Peace.
  • The Honourable Sophie Beauchemin has served in the Montréal Municipal Court, as Deputy President of that court and as a member of the Conseil de la magistrature du Québec.
  • Mario St-Pierre is an administrative judge coordinating the Land and Environment Section of the Tribunal administratif du Québec.
  • Pierre St-Onge and Danik Potvin were appointed judges of the Administrative Labour Tribunal in 2019 and 2020, respectively.

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