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Be part of a strong, passionate team

The strength of a passion shared by more than 260 people who work hard every day to bring you the benefits of their cutting-edge experience and solid expertise.

Fulfill your potential in an agile, human-scale firm that’s constantly evolving!

To be part of Dunton Rainville is to thrive in a stimulating work environment and evolve with passionate colleagues who are all looking in the same direction, all within a growing, 100% Québec-owned organization.


A welcoming, stimulating, rewarding and challenging work environment


Equal recruitment and promotion opportunities for all


A place where you can express yourself freely and, above all, where you are listened to.


We do everything we can to help you be creative, stand out from the crowd, achieve your goals and succeed.


You can think outside the box, come up with innovative ideas and be creative.

Straight ahead: the principles that drive us

A growing team, a leading firm

Exceptional value-added services

Dunton Rainville is committed to providing exceptional services to its customers, adding value through its professional skills and knowledge.

Teamwork and commitment

The members of Dunton Rainville collaborate collectively to provide every client with the best services available.

Excellence and quality

Every member of the firm’s team strives to provide his or her clients with the same quality of service that he or she would wish to receive. The firm aims to be the best by providing exceptional quality services.

Investment in human resources and techniques

Dunton Rainville recognizes that success requires an investment in human resources and techniques. Every member of the team is committed to constantly improving the quality of the organization by putting all his or her energies into it.

Recognition and social involvement

The firm places great importance on recognizing its members by providing a quality work environment and rewarding their efforts. It also encourages the social involvement of its members toward the community.

Rigorous, efficient management

The firm is judiciously managed using all available technical means to ensure its efficiency. We ensure that resources are used optimally and that processes are efficient.

Values of diversity and inclusion

Throughout its 70-year history, Dunton Rainville has always provided its employees with a welcoming and stimulating work environment that is conducive to personal and professional growth.

At Dunton Rainville, every individual’s contribution to the firm’s growth and success is unique and recognized, regardless of ethnic or cultural origin, gender, religion, creed, marital status, disability, age or sexual orientation.

The chances of recruitment and advancement at the firm are equal for all. The firm believes that diversity and inclusion enrich the organization with the varied experience and innovative perspectives on the world that have become essential to any expansion strategy.

It is through this openness that we can access a broader pool of exceptional talent that will help us achieve our business objectives while ensuring the retention of our human capital.

This approach, based on respect for every individual, guides the actions of all members of the firm on a daily basis and in the interests of all.

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    A solid legal presence across Québec


    800 Square-Victoria St.
    Suite 4300
    Montréal (Québec) H3C 0B4


    514 866-6743


    514 866-8854


    3055, Saint-Martin Blvd. W
    Suite 610
    Laval (Québec) H7T 0J3


    450 686-8683

    Mtl Line

    514 990-8884


    450 686-8693

    Longueuil Urban Agglomeration

    4501 Bishop St.
    Suite 301
    Longueuil (Québec) J3Y 9E1


    450 672-4681


    450 465-3700


    1075 Firestone Blvd.
    Suite 3100
    Joliette (Québec) J6E 6X6


    450 759-8800

    Mtl Line

    514 990-4485


    450 759-8878


    995 Maher St.
    Suite 201
    Saint-Jérôme (Québec) J5L 0A8


    450 431-0705


    450 431-1247


    202 Richelieu St.
    Suite 205
    Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu (Québec) J3B 6X8


    450 358-5737


    450 358-5748


    1910 King St. W
    Suite 320
    Sherbrooke (Québec) J1J 2E2


    819 481-0324


    819 481-0337