Public transportation


Sustainable mobility is at the core of public transportation companies’ mission. Public authorities and the population want transportation companies to develop their networks, improve the quality and quantity of their services and introduce new types of vehicles, all without any real increase in their financial resources. This reality alone creates several specific issues for public transporters regarding governance, procurement, management and labour relations.

DUNTON RAINVILLE provides public transport companies with a wide range of legal services in labour law, administrative law, commercial and corporate law and civil law. For many years, the firm’s lawyers have been assisting public transport companies as prosecutors, legal advisors and negotiators in a variety of legal issues.

DUNTON RAINVILLE has developed specialized knowledge in labour relations within public transport companies from having counselled and represented Quebec’s three main transport companies. The firm’s lawyers have not only participated in the management of transport companies’ labour relations, but also acted as prosecutors before various labour law authorities and as spokespersons during collective agreement negotiations.

Members of the firm have also counselled several transport companies in their corporate lives by assisting them in various areas: the preparation of contracts and agreements, notably in matters related to the management of advertising spaces, in setting up non-profit organizations to manage their assets, as well as in the institutional organization of public transportation, namely with regards to pricing, regulatory powers and financing.