Business Law

Business Law

Dunton Rainville has assembled an experienced team of business lawyers, corporate and transactional lawyers, notaries and paralegals who assist each client throughout the various stages of any corporate or commercial project, offering a full range of legal services.

To ensure the success of any commercial project, the Dunton Rainville team also advises companies on governance, ethics, management strategy and intellectual property matters in order to protect various assets, such as trademarks.

Our team can apply its expertise from the outset by helping you select the legal form best suited to your objectives and ensuring that the various legal formalities required to incorporate your business are completed. The team also assists you at the financing stage, whether private, institutional or by public offering.

Dunton Rainville’s business and corporate law professionals will assist you throughout your company’s lifetime, during which several changes may occur. You can count on our team during the various transformations your company may undergo, including a reorganization, a merger or acquisition, a change of ownership, a financing or investment project or contract drafting or negotiation.

Dunton Rainville can also manage your annual obligations to government authorities (Industry Canada or the Registraire des entreprises du Québec, for example), prepare your minutes and update your company’s corporate books. The firm can also provide virtual access to your corporate books so that you and other professionals (accountants, bankers, etc.) can consult your corporate books simultaneously, at any time, in a simple and efficient manner.

Dunton Rainville’s business and corporate law team also includes litigators who can represent you in your commercial litigation.

As a partner in one of the largest international networks of lawyers, with more than 11,000 lawyers in nearly 150 law firms, SCG Legal, Dunton Rainville can establish contacts in 82 countries and in almost every North American jurisdiction, thus providing you with first-rate services through our partners.