Construction Law

Construction Law

Dunton Rainville provides its clients with extensive expertise in construction law matters. Whether for the design, construction or upgrading of infrastructures, for public or private buildings, we can provide legal assistance at every stage of your project, regardless of its scope.

As a key sector of the economy, the vast and complex construction industry involves several legal sectors, including corporate law, real estate law, business law, labour law, including occupational health and safety, and municipal law. The Dunton Rainville team has experienced specialists in all these areas of activity.

In addition, Dunton Rainville’s multidisciplinary team is familiar with the concerns and challenges faced by the various players in the construction industry. Whether you are a public or private sector project owner, a contractor or a financier, we can offer you the solutions best suited to your needs and to the constraints of your projects.

Our professionals are in constant interaction with stakeholders in the construction industry. You can count on them to assist you and represent you before various regulatory bodies, such as the Commission de la construction du Québec, the Commission des normes, de l’équité et de la santé et de la sécurité du travail (CNESST) or the Régie du bâtiment du Québec.

The Dunton Rainville team is also able to advise and represent you in your relations with your contracting partners, whether you are a project owner, contractor, subcontractor or consulting architect. Our professionals will provide you with clear information regarding the scope of your contractual rights and responsibilities. If necessary, they will rigorously and effectively assert your rights and interests when disputes or litigation arise relating to payment or quality of work. They can also guide and assist you in the execution of securities (sureties and others), guarantees and insurance policies that secure the realization of your project.

In addition, the expertise of our administrative law team, particularly regarding the awarding of public and municipal contracts, is highly appreciated by directors and managers of public and government agencies at all levels, as well as by contractors. Our professionals are frequently involved in the drafting and revision of complex specifications, as well as in the process of awarding major public works contracts and the financing of infrastructure projects.

Dunton Rainville’s team of professionals also includes experienced notaries who can finalize the terms of your real estate transactions and draft and validate the contracts and securities necessary to give them full effect. They can also ensure the publication of your deeds of sale and mortgages (conventional or legal) and carry out the required filings at the various stages of your projects, such as the filing of a vertical cadaster.