Family Law

Family Law

Over the last several years, Dunton Rainville has assembled a team of experienced family law specialists who can assist you with any issues related to your family life.

Whether you are a common-law partner, married or about to be married, it is important to know and understand your rights and obligations. Our family law team can advise and represent you at any stage of your family life, whether to draft a marriage contract or civil union contract, with an adoption or other type of assisted procreation, in all matters relating to filiation, or in the context of a separation or divorce.

Our firm’s family law team can advise clients on all matters relating to common-law relationships and marriage. Thus, our professionals can guide you in drafting a cohabitation contract or marriage contract and advise you in choosing the matrimonial regime best suited to your situation and the important related matters to be settled. Our team can also assist you during the adoption process and answer all your questions regarding this decision.

When a union ends, many issues must be considered.

The firm’s family law team will provide you with personalized guidance through this difficult period, while answering the many questions that usually arise during the process.

Although the Dunton Rainville family law team favours negotiated solutions, our lawyers can assist you and represent your interests in court when negotiations do not lead to a settlement. In such situations, they will guide you through the various stages of the judicial process to the best of their ability. Thus, our team can advise you on all matters related to the separation of property, including the division of family property or the sharing of assets, the establishment of spousal or child support, child custody and access rights, as well as any other property and financial matters. Our team will assert your rights, while seeking the best solution for you.

Members of Dunton Rainville’s family law team also assist entrepreneurs in determining the potential impact of a separation or divorce on the division of a shareholder’s property rights, thereby protecting the company’s capitalization and ensuring that the value of its assets and rights is preserved. Often working in close collaboration, the firm’s team of professionals includes lawyers who specialize in tax and business law, as well as experienced notaries who can assist family law practitioners with more complex mandates when necessary.

Dunton Rainville’s family law team now includes several experienced accredited family mediators who can assist you in the mediation process and attempt to find common ground leading to a comprehensive negotiated settlement. As part of the mediation process, our lawyers adopt the role of conciliator and neutral intervener in order to arrive at a mutually satisfactory solution and ultimately reach a settlement that is fair for both parties.