Family Law

Whether you are married or living in a common law or civil union relationship, Dunton Rainville’s family law lawyers can advise and guide you through all stages of your family life. The expertise of our team of lawyers and notaries includes the drafting of a marriage, common-law or civil union contract, the adoption process, the choice of a matrimonial regime or assisted reproduction.

When a de facto union or a marriage ends, our team is quick to intervene by favouring negotiated solutions. Dunton Rainville has an experienced team of accredited family mediators who provide a wide range of personalized services. These services include all aspects of divorce and separation, including the determination of alimony, the division of parenting time for children (custody and access), division of assets, family patrimony and matrimonial regime, financial support between the parties, etc. In the absence of a settlement, our lawyers can guide you through the various stages of the judicial process while representing your interests with the highest level of expertise and professionalism. 

Our team is also able to advise entrepreneurs by taking a multidisciplinary approach to the possible impact of a matrimonial dispute on the division of the patrimonial rights of a shareholder/partner arising from matrimonial regimes or other related contracts, to protect the capitalization of the business and preserve the value of its assets.

Our services:

  • Application for child support
  • Application for the establishment of parenting time arrangements (child custody and access rights)
  • Divorce and separation (proceedings and/or agreements)
  • Unjust enrichment and joint-venture disputes
  • Matrimonial regime changes and liquidation
  • Adoption process
  • Youth protection
  • Complex issues relating to the division of assets (family patrimony, matrimonial regime or other)
  • Drafting of marriage, cohabitation or civil union contracts
  • Drafting of agreements in cases of assisted reproduction
  • Complete mediation services offered by experienced mediators (subsidized and private files)
  • Complete service in family or matrimonial disputes