Municipal assessment

Dunton Rainville is the ideal partner to assist you in an municipal assessment case.

Municipal Assessment

Property assessment, which is used to finance local communities, is a concern for both municipalities and individuals. The Act Respecting Municipal Taxation provides for the possibility of requesting an administrative review to contest the value of buildings and land determined by the municipal assessor. Given its tax implications, this type of litigation is the subject of numerous judgments every year for residential, industrial and commercial properties.

Dunton Rainville are experts in the specifics of the Act Respecting Municipal Taxation and its assessment process, as well as in the exemptions it contains. The firm is therefore able to help you better understand the issues involved in a property assessment challenge.

Dunton Rainville will guide you in making strategic decisions to fully represent your rights, whether in negotiations resulting from a request for an administrative review or before the Administrative Tribunal of Quebec.

Since the determination of the real value of a unit of assessment depends on market analysis, Dunton Rainville’s extensive experience and its partnerships with certified appraisers will assist you throughout this process, which can lead to a determination by the Administrative Tribunal of Quebec of the value to be entered on the roll.

Over the years, Dunton Rainville has acquired significant expertise in:

  • Assessment rolls
  • Requests for administrative review
  • Value of residential, commercial and industrial buildings or land
  • Municipal taxes
  • Municipal pricing
  • Changing values
  • Representation before the Administrative Tribunal of Quebec
  • Tax exemptions (State buildings, religious institutions, cemeteries, schools, etc.)