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Dunton Rainville Meets with Belgium’s Self-Regulatory Body for Real Estate Brokerage

26 March 2024

In the dynamic and complex world of real estate, international collaboration is often the key to success. On March 26 in Montréal, the Institut professionnel des agents immobiliers (IPI) met with Dunton Rainville.

Represented by its management team, Belgium’s umbrella organization for the real estate broker profession visited Dunton Rainville’s Montreal offices, where they were greeted by Me Jean-Jacques Rainville, Chairman of the Board, Me Yves Joli-Cœur and Me Patricia Gamliel. The aim of this historic meeting was to exchange best practices, common challenges and innovative solutions in the legal field of real estate and co-ownership.

Discussions were lively and informative, highlighting the legal nuances specific to each jurisdiction, while underscoring similarities and shared challenges. By sharing their knowledge, expertise and experiences, the Quebec lawyers and Belgian real estate brokers strengthened their professional ties and contributed to the continuous improvement of their respective practices.
Together, they will continue to work for the advancement of the real estate industry, with a focus on innovation, regulatory compliance and customer satisfaction, whether in Montréal, Brussels or beyond!