Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law

Dunton Rainville is qualified to meet all your real estate law needs. Our team is composed of professionals from various disciplines who can support you at every stage of your real estate projects.

Whether you are a real estate developer, investor, landlord, tenant, financial institution or owner, Dunton Rainville can assist you with real estate development, acquisitions, financing, lease negotiations, co-ownership and real estate brokerage as well as with any hidden defect issues. Our team takes the time to analyse your needs to allow you to create the conditions necessary to achieve your objectives.

Our team of notaries and lawyers advises its clients on real estate acquisition projects, particularly during the verification of property titles, the negotiation of title insurance, if necessary, and during real estate transactions.

The real estate law team can also advise you on municipal regulations to ensure your projects’ compliance or to obtain modifications to their implementation or minor exemptions from the municipality.

The team’s professionals also have expertise in transactions such as “purchase option with right of occupation”, commonly known as “lease-purchase” agreements, a cutting-edge field in Quebec.

The team can also represent you in contentious real estate law matters, including title defects, the performance of a security interest or the exercise of hypothecary rights, hidden defects or misrepresentation, title transfers, disputes concerning the application of the terms of a lease and relationships between contractors.

Dunton Rainville also has exceptional expertise in municipal financing and taxation, as well as in expropriation, and can assist you in the procedures for determining the fair value of your property or, in the event of an expropriation, opposition or the determination of any compensation to be paid to you or that you must pay.

Dunton Rainville also represents real estate brokerage clients to assert their right to compensation or to defend their rights and obligations in terms of professional liability, whether civil or ethical.