The members of our team share the following values:

  • Dunton Rainville is a firm of professionals whose objective is to provide its clients with exceptional value-added services in return for just and equitable payment.
  • The members of Dunton Rainville collaborate collectively to provide every client with the best services available.
  • The members of the firm’s team aim to earn the esteem of their clients, of their colleagues and of the professional community, as well as to take pride in providing services of exceptional quality.
  • Dunton Rainville aims to be the best legal services firm, which does not mean the largest or the most profitable, but rather the one that offers the best services. The firm’s ultimate goal is to meet its clients’ expectations.
  • Every member of the firm’s team strives to provide his or her clients with the same quality of service that he or she would wish to receive.
  • The commitment of each member of the team is to excel in his or her area of expertise and to provide clients with all of the benefits of his or her knowledge, skills and energy.
  • Dunton Rainville recognizes that the pursuit of success requires an investment in human resources and techniques; therefore, every member of the team is committed to using all of his or her energy to ensure that the quality of his or her organization constantly improves.
  • Dunton Rainville makes every effort to ensure that the members of its team achieve their full potential by rewarding their efforts and their personal contributions.
  • The firm is committed to providing its members with a quality work environment and the recognition they deserve.
  • As a sign of appreciation toward the community, the firm encourages the social involvement of its members.
  • The firm is judiciously managed using all technical means to ensure efficiency.